Saturday, May 24, 2008

Posted by Gemma Anderson, 24th May

Collecting for portraits

With each portrait I work on, I go through a process of collecting objects. Some I seek out, some I find and some are given to me.
The objects all relate to the individuals history, diagnosis and dialogue in relation to the history of psychiatric and medical ideas.

Object Collected and Drawn so far…..

Bethlem Patient

Object-Butterfly (deceased)
Source-Found in curfew tower, Cushendall, Antrim.
Object-Snake skin
Source-Sought out then given by reptile shop, Belfast.
Source-Sought and found on the site of Bethlem, Lagan River, Cave Hill and Queen Street roof.
Object-Birds egg
Source-Found along river Lagan
Source-Found near giants ring, Belfast
Source-Sought and Bought for £0.41 in Boots Chemist
Object-Dopamine glands
Source-Images/diagrams Sought from Google Images
Source-Found on street, Antrim
Object-Butterfly Knife

Knockbracken Patient
Object-Bees (deceased)
Source-Given by artist who collects them
Object-Leaf ( bearing resemblance in structure to nervous system)
Source-Sought out along river Lagan, Belfast
Object-Liver (Lambs Liver, roughly similar size to human liver)
Source-Bought for £3 in butcher on king street, Belfast
Object-Windswept Bracken, (bearing resemblance to small tree)
Source- Found while climbing cave hill, Belfast.
Object-Wasp (deceased)
Source-Found in studio
Object-Robin Red Breast
Source-Sought out amongst inherited Christmas decorations
Object-Ivy Leaf
Source-Sought and found in back yard
Source-Found on decent from Cave Hill
Source-Bought in florist for £2

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