Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Film Questionnaire: FILM - E

  1. Will your film answer the question?

    no, it will answer the urge

2. What colour, number and country is your film?
flesh, 69,the island (of dogs)

3. Is your film daytime or night time or other time?
it exists outside of time

4. Which extreme emotion is your film?

5. When did your film (going to) happen?
the other night

6. Would your film push or be pushed?

7. Does your film lead or follow?
depends what side your on

8. How fast is your film?

9. Will your film nourish or neglect (take information from) a time line?
neglect, like neglecting to go to school.

10. Will your film cooperate willingly or have to be taken by force (rebel) ? it will cooperate but will you want it?

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