Friday, May 23, 2008

Email from Paul Richards (19.5.08) RE: the blog

Dear All,

I found the meeting at the Jerwood last week very stimulating - It was great to put faces to names and hear about the projects. I am concerned, however that most of the group haven't signed up for the blog yet and no one has posted yet - I have lots of things I would like to put up but feel like it could become like reciting a daily monologue. The blog is a really interesting approach and significantly one of the things that has the potential to take this exhibition beyond the conventional group show format.

I think we would all benefit from a daily dialog between the many projects, a chance to push all of our practices into new unexplored territory. Interactive discussion would take the project to a different level, making fascinating viewing for the archaeologist/ art viewer - tracing the histories of the work.

This exhibition's vision is clearly about process - and we should embrace that visibly. Otherwise the show should be renamed an exercise in self affirmation.

Lets post thoughts, ideas, anxieties*, empty paint pots, dinner bills, chocolate wrappers. messages to each other, decisions, changes in plan....Lets serialize the process thoroughly - so that outsiders are gripped to logon every day and see how the art apprentices are getting on.

Lets throw some shit to the wall - who knows - some of it might stick!

Good luck to everybody with the projects and I really look forward to seeing more/ hearing more about them,

best wishes
*this message could be included in the blog

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