Saturday, June 28, 2008

presenting process led art?

the research that has been undertaken between Jackson Webb and Dora has been highly research based and process led, but how and what is the best way to present and show the work within a gallery context that doesn't undermine the research that has been undertaken?

filming our discussions? i wonder whether this will do justice to the path we have taken to get to this point.
i guess we shall see......

Dora's questions for filming

1. Recently there has been a huge drive socially for collaboration encouraged by funding.where has this need arisen? how much do you associate your collaboration with this drive? and how much has it or not supported your practise?

2. what is the space that resides between collaborators?

3. For this experiment Jackson Webb has been seen as one ego collaborating with another ego. what are the implications of this when there are 3 ego's involved and also for a shared ego to collaborate with another?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Ideas - from Charlotte

Areas I want to discuss during filming this weekend:

Self-creating images (micro/macro, fractals)
The Institution
Internal dialogue
Shared authorship
Successes/failures of our project
Implosion/assumption that collaboration is worthwhile

Blog Functionality

During the project, we've found it difficult to find a way of recording our dialogue/process in a way which is readable to the public. This has raised some questions for me about blogging, forums and web applications in general, and I think it is worth the group as a whole looking at the functionality of this blog, how it works for the group, and how it might work for a viewer.

Is it working as it was meant to - e.g as a way of documenting a process? Is it a communication tool for us, or a way of communicating to an audience? Can it be both? Does having a chronological format make sense?

I just wonder what it is like to read, and what it is revealing to an audience.... has anyone had any feedback? Is anyone reading this stuff?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some Questions From Mark

During our filming on Sunday I will be asking Charlotte and Dora some questions including:

1. In what sense might a collaborator be conceived of as a technician? (This question stems from how we started out, but I was thinking also about the other collaborations in the show.)

2. Has collaboration become a more ubiquitous form of cultural production in general as well as in art practices? If so, why do you think?

3. Paul’s film could be seen as a collaborative ‘explosion’ – a proliferation of creativity and authorship. If, like Tamiko has suggested, our work might ‘implode’, what does this mean and is it useful?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jackson Webb & Dora's Blog

This is the blog we are now using to communicate with each other. We had been using another online forum, but it was really ugly and confusing so we copied all our messages to this nice simple blog so they would be easier to read. It isn't really intended for public viewing, but it gives an unedited account of our correspondance during this project. To view go to

Friday, June 13, 2008


Who is the author of your work?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

joe on set

Paul's Film Questionnaire answered by Dora

We have been thinking about making a film of ourselves to try and record our dialogue - we thought that Paul's film questionnaire might help us.....

Will your film answer the question?
the question of the necessity of collaboration?a valid collaboration? work unconnected to an ego?

2. What colour, number and country is your film?

3. Is your film daytime or night time or other time?

4. Which extreme emotion is your film?

5. When did your film (going to) happen?
without time, different time frames

6. Would your film push or be pushed?
self pushed

7. Does your film lead or follow?
leads into itself

8. How fast is your film?
breathing pace

9. Will your film nourish or neglect (take information from) a time line?

10. Will your film cooperate willingly or have to be taken by force
stand alone

i like film,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Glob Blog

We have developed a blog, since the beginning, to document the game as it progresses, and to continue dialogue between actual meetings. An edited version will be made public within the next couple of weeks.

The meetings also continue to provide great developments, and interesting, if confusing, collaborative drawings.

Drawing from Glob

Drawing from Glob

The Glean of Glob

We have been working on a computer game, generated from Daniel's universe of Glob, a place populated with numerous small characters, undertaking bizarre, tragi-comic tasks.
(drawings from Glob shown above).