Friday, June 27, 2008

Blog Functionality

During the project, we've found it difficult to find a way of recording our dialogue/process in a way which is readable to the public. This has raised some questions for me about blogging, forums and web applications in general, and I think it is worth the group as a whole looking at the functionality of this blog, how it works for the group, and how it might work for a viewer.

Is it working as it was meant to - e.g as a way of documenting a process? Is it a communication tool for us, or a way of communicating to an audience? Can it be both? Does having a chronological format make sense?

I just wonder what it is like to read, and what it is revealing to an audience.... has anyone had any feedback? Is anyone reading this stuff?

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lisa alexander said...

"During the project, we've found it difficult to find a way of recording our dialogue/process in a way which is readable to the public." - THEN DON'T! just post -as is - and perhaps that very fact is an interesting point of discussion to be had - does that in fact matter to you?

I think [the blog] can be what ever you want it to be - and of course there are restrictions...The chronoligical format makes a certain linearity unavoidable...but also this trajectory of time is intriguing (you could move your previous post forward if you want to play with this)

I would not worry about 'documentation' or whether what you may jot down and communicate on this blog is necessarily comprehensible to 'an audience' / the public / the rest of group...use it as a tool / a litmus paper of your process...evidential traces...have fun with can post any text / image / sound / link / etc - AS and WHEN it comes to you in that moment - and this is an intimacy that may be collapsed or erased the minute one starts to formulate or think of an audience....and defeats its purpose.. be free with it..Use it how you want to and randomly (or not as you like)....I guess it really depends on how much each artist and collaborator(s) want to reveal of their process/include the blog in their process.

Documentation is a dirty word to me - it tends to erase's all in the handling...perhaps it would be more helpful to say 'evidencing' process instead? or letting the blog just be one facet / tool of your project..But of course only if that works for you...

What happens in-between the periods of actual collaboration and making / devising?...when you're cycling to the shops of making dinner...still process...still part of it...context...envrionment...of the life you're living.

I personally find these sort of things, i.e. blogs - more interesting to read when they are less composed..I have looked through the blog sporadically but have not had a chance up till now to get involved with it....and I have found it genuinely interesting to look at - just want to see more postings!

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