Saturday, June 28, 2008

presenting process led art?

the research that has been undertaken between Jackson Webb and Dora has been highly research based and process led, but how and what is the best way to present and show the work within a gallery context that doesn't undermine the research that has been undertaken?

filming our discussions? i wonder whether this will do justice to the path we have taken to get to this point.
i guess we shall see......


Jackson Webb said...

One thing that I loved about the chemical drawings was that they inscribed the process of themselves being made. (Although there is still the problem of how to present them in a gallery space)

Jackson Webb said...

These questions of documentation, presentation and location of the work have been fundamental to the project. Although we decided that filming might be the most 'accurate' way of recording what has been happening, I have found that it has become more than just a recording mechanism. Somehow it seems to have opened up the possibilities of our work even further.