Friday, August 1, 2008

Email to from Judith Mottram 24.7.08

I'd rather like to pass some comments on to the team involved in the Experiment in collaboration team, particulalry in relation to their
Edmonds and Candy published a book about collaborations in which they identified the different ways in which parties with different expertise came together. They answer the question about technicians.
Explorations in Art and Technology, Linda Candy and Ernest Edmonds, 2002, Springer-Verlag, London.
There have been other studies about how artists work. One of the reasons the activity may be funded, or research might be undertaken, is that we can conceive of operationally 'doable' question for investigation in the arena, such as: What happens, or what is so special about the creativity of 'artists', or how does innovation work, or are there really any differences between 'artistic' creativity and creativity in other disciplines? As a form of cultural production, collaboration might be a way of expressing our doubt about the agenda of our discipline - it is a question deserving of serious address.

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