Thursday, July 31, 2008

Post by Dora Tang RE: Jackson Webb and Dora Tang

'i think part of the biggest issue with this show was being able to portray the process of our collaboration, when we were trying to decide between an obviously edited video piece or something that was more crude it was really important to consider justifying the collaborative work. how much did we consider the audience in deciding the final work that was shown? and was it difficult for us to move away from displaying more finished polished objects?
with the edited version of the video ( which was also more obviously colour corrected) it sat in a space which was neither the literal interpretation of the process nor a complete and finished video art work. what was it that we were saying about our own work?
in discussion Charlotte said that perhaps we should be brave and show something that was more literal and perhaps more true to the project?
it seemed perhaps that there were two processes and perhaps tasks that we were and have been dealing with in the project and perhaps the last few weeks has highlighted that as we were coming closer to the hang.
1. the process of questioning the notion of collaboration through practise
2. challenging, using the gallery space ( /viewer) to show a process or research or just something.
i found the latter part quite difficult, my experience of galleries and finished products of work are limited, and my experience of the art world lies mainly in research unfinished outcomes and so harder for me to challenge the space that we were entering with documents of work?
did the other collaborations find this? did they also encounter the same questions that we did in showing the process of the collaborations? did the collaborations feel as if the shown objects depicted the collaborative process? how important was it to the other collaborations ( and ourselves) to show a process or an outcome of the collaboration?'

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